by shady hamza


This program is for artists who want to level up their skills in concept design, advanced techniques & portfolio. Students will expected devote time and be dedicated in order to get through the program.  No two students' mentorship will be alike, each student to help him/her achieve their individual goals- whether it be to improve their current technical or design skills or to build a portfolio.

How does it work? 

To give you a brief overview of the process: The session starts with an introductory call where we get to know each other and important data-collection will be initiated by asking important questions to you about Objectives, Interests, Specific Struggles, Goal Orientation and more. After this, a custom personalized Design Brief will be created and the first Home Work Assignment will be given out after which you are expected to deliver the first piece of un-filtered submissions. Scheduled calls will take place where the submitted material will be reviewed and the remainder of the call will be utilized to process the remaining lesson-material. Depending on the agreed program Objective this process may be repeated until completion.

What you can expect

  • Individual mentoring

  • Soft skills & hard skills: Think/Apply

  • Professional mindset

  • Understanding of Concept Art/Design and Illustration

  • How to create portfolio that match my goal

  • Adapted education to fit student skill level

  • Assignments will be based on your career goal

  • Portfolio building/development

  • Composition - Framing - Camera Set Up

  • Software

  • How to study

  • Design

  • Color & Light

  • Storytelling 

  • Environment Design

  • Follow up after mentorship

For Mentorship enquiries please use the contact form


How long does it take?

Depending on schedules of both parties, the program may take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks ideally. Custom scheduled programs are possible depending on the details and availability.

Are the sessions Pre-Recored?

No Pre-Recoding, I believe that the best and fastest way to improve is to have someone to be fully invested in you and your progress. Our first weekly call will be about your goal and what you want to achieve, your inspirations and goals. We will adjust our calls, weekly chats and assignments to help you get to where you want to be sooner! It’s hyper-focused on you and your goals and no preset pre-recorded lessons.

What softwares are needed for the Mentorship?

Students are welcome to use any software they feel to get the assignments done . However, feedback and critiques will be done in Photoshop and various 3-D Packages. Only thing that is required is a decent internet connection in order to meet for sessions.

What if I miss class , or I am late , or my internet explodes?!

We live by the code, " art is easy, life is hard ". With that said we realize that life can happen in the most unexpected ways . Luckily we can manage for a substitute session.

What level of skill is required for the Mentorship program ?

All Levels are accepted in Mentorship program. Because we do not give the same assignment to everyone we work each student at their current pace and skill level . Basic knowledge of Photoshop and digital painting is the biggest thing we recommend students have , knowledge of any 3-D Package is always a plus too.

Do I need a webcam or microphone?

Webcams are not required to interact with the Mentor but it's preferable to use Microphone. The default manner in which session interactions will take place is via Voice and chat feature during our Live session.

What is the estimated time for each weeks load?

We estimate 10-20 hours each week, depending on the type of program you are taking, your skill level, etc. However, we suggest students spend as much time as needed to properly complete and comprehend the week's assignment. Ultimately, this number will be different for each individual. Just make sure to allow enough time for assignment review and completion.

How are all course lectures released?

All Mentorship sessions are Live using Zoom video conferencing free app

What language is the Mentorship program being delivered?

All our Live sessions are given in Arabic & English, Written instructions are given in English Only.

Can I download the live sessions videos?

No, Live Sessions are not available for download